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a creative meetup


When the implicit (brain) system is at work, far flung corners of the brain are chit-chatting. This is how our brain creates new ideas and thoughts. By providing new ideas, we hope to inspire and challenge you to think with your impicit system. 

About Implicit Meetups

Living creatively requires bravery, action, honesty and hard work. Our goal is to support, inspire and challenge you to grow. 

We believe that community & accountability go hand in hand. Caring about our work, kindness and high fives are the new standard. Meeting face-to-face wins every time. 

Bringing people together who are passionate, life-long learners and inspired by the world around them create lasting change. 


MAY 14th, 2021 7AM
215 Main Street

SUPRISING HABITS of ORIGINAL THINKERS |  In this session, we’ll be discussing the theme of habits of original thinkers- Do you have bad ideas?

215 Main Street

TRANSPARENCY | Transparency helps us build meaningful relationships in the right way. How are you building relationships with your clients/customers?

215 Main Street

THINKING | How do creative people come up with great ideas? Goofing off may help you have an original thought. 

Where It’s At

 Post House

217 Main Street,

Penn Yan, NY 14527

This Event is Free, But There’s Only Room for 25!

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